Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewelry

**** Proper Care and Keeping of you Sterling Silver Jewelry ****

Sterling silver can be a very beautiful metal when properly cared for . An interesting fact about sterling silver is that is primarily composed of pure silver with a percentage of around 92% and the other 8% is most often copper. The copper is the component that often causes sterling silver to look dull and tarnish we call this oxidization. Oxidization or tarnishing is caused when the copper has a reaction with humidity and gasses in the air.

**** A few basic rules to keep your sterling silver from oxidizing ****

1. When you are not wearing your piece keep it in a small dry ziploc bag. This will also keep your item from rubbing against other items you may have.

2. If you wear your item daily the general is to make it the last thing on in the morning and the first thing off at night. If possible remove your item while cleaning, showering and swimming.

3. Clean your sterling silver with a silver polishing cloth or soft cloth when possible, this will help remove any body oils and dirt.

4. All sterling silver will tarnish over time. This is why it is important to properly care and store your sterling silver piece to delay the oxidation process.

Please keep in mind that the oxidation (tarnishing) process is something that can be cleaned and cared for with proper care.

Proper sterling silver care and storage will ensure that you love your piece for years to come!

Care and Cleaning of you Copper Jewelry

Copper is very sensitive to air an oxidizes (tarnishes) faster in a moist air environment. You should try to remove any copper jewelry before getting into water or applying lotions and oils. Use a polishing cloth for everyday cleaning. And like Sterling Silver Jewelry, store all jewelry that you are not wearing in a plastic ziploc.

Letter Fading

The darkness of your letters will fade over time. You can temporarily fix this with the use of a polishing pad (preferably the pad enclosed with your order) and a Sharpie marker. Simply color the letters with the Sharpie and then immediately wipe off the excess ink. Starting January 2012, all orders come with a complimentary cleaning pad but additional pads can be ordered by calling your Benson Street Jewelry Sales Consultant.

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